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The Holy Cow Couture Story

In 2007, Brittany Pillars started “the original” hide fashion handbag company named, Holy Cow Couture. The humble beginnings for Pillars was making purses one by one in her parent’s garage. You could hear the pounding and sewing into the early morning hours filling the garage with fresh leather smells. When each purse was finished, they were loaded up in the trunk of her car and sold at the college she attended. As social media took off in the next decade so did “the original” hide fashion handbag! If you’re wondering how the name came about, Pillars says “customers would say, holy cow look at that handbag where did you get it?”, so I decided on Holy Cow Couture for the name.

“Everything is handmade” Pillars says. “Our process comes down to, a sewing machine, manpower, and scissors.”

That process may be reminiscent of those used by leatherworkers of old, but the sales method is modern.

While Pillars would like the company to expand to be an online presence that is known as “The Original” hide fashion handbags, her priority always will be quality and keeping it made in the USA.

Pillars says, "I like to have a splash of every type of high-end fashion, I don’t always want to walk around with cowboy boots; I want to walk around with a leather bag with some really nice pieces so I can wear my stilettos and go out on the town too!”

Today, her mom and sister join her to make this a true family run business with a store front, design, production and headquarters in downtown Lincoln, California. With a second location of a team of seamstresses’ in Oklahoma. This is where you will find a combination of country music and the constant thwack of a sewing machine acts as soundtrack to a manic scene where long tables are strewn with sheets and scraps of leather.

Pillars says “we’re not chasing trends — we’re creating them with some classy, classic and timeless pieces.” 

Their purses are gorgeous first of all. I have bought many and love them all!!! They are all hand made and are made for everyday wear and tear and still look fabulous!!!! You will absolutely not be disappointed is their items!

Missy Oevermann-Harper

Love my dual concealed carry purse! The leather and hide used in such a high quality there is zero wear to the one thing that goes everywhere with me. I had a snap break on my cross body strap and I contacted Hannah with customer service, she had me send it back, they fixed the snap and I had it back in 4 days! Will never have another purse and can’t wait to add a diaper bag!

Briana Rask

I have carried yalls bags for the last 4 years and will not carry anything else!! They are the best and hold up great especially since they hold up to me lol it’s about time for me to order another I have been lucky and got all but one that I have as gifts. Love the work y’all do hands down best on.

Nancy Green

Lincoln Store Front

424 Lincoln Blvd. #201
Lincoln, CA 95648


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