6 Jacket Styles to Pair With Your Cowhide Bag

In our last post, we talked about four great hat styles to pair with your cowhide bag. Today, we’re back with more style inspirations for you, and with winter on its way and colder weather approaching fast, this time we’re talking jackets!

Read on to learn how to stay cozy and warm in style this season, and check out our online collection of one-of-a-kind cowhide wallets, purses, and bags to find something you’ll love!


1. Camo Print: One-of-a-Kind Style

Camouflage may have been invented for the war zone, but in 2019, it’s become a staple of everyday fashion! There are many types of camo prints, and countless ways to wear them, but across the board, its earthy tones and textures make camo the perfect match for many of our cowhide bags! Whether you want to get tough and sporty in an all-out woodland camo coat, or opt for a preppier look in a camo-accented letter jacket, it won’t be hard to find the perfect one-of-a-kind cowhide bag to suit your one-of-a-kind camo print style. 




2. Southwestern Prints: Chic and Unique

Throughout history, the American West and Southwest have inspired many great works of art: epic films, gorgeous paintings, stunning sculptures and pottery. In our opinion, one of the best things that these landscapes and cultures have produced is the timelessly beautiful Southwestern print.

As a lasting cornerstone of Western fashion, Southwestern print makes a perfect pairing with our Western-style purses and handbags, and with many color schemes and jacket silhouettes to choose from, it’s easy to put together a totally unique style! You can keep things simple and chic by wearing a round hair-on-hide canteen purse alongside a Southwestern print peacoat, or go for a fierce fashion statement by mixing-and-matching Southwestern prints and pairing fur with fringe! With an original cowhide bag from Holy Cow Couture by your side, the style possibilities are endless.

3. Denim: A Tried-and-True Classic

You know, it’s really hard to go wrong with a classic denim jacket. Fashionable, versatile, and utterly timeless, you can easily breathe new life into your favorite denim piece by pairing it with a designer leather handbag from Holy Cow Couture! Unlike many of the other textures and prints on this list, denim is a true neutral that will let your favorite custom purse take the spotlight, so don’t be afraid to go for a bag with a bold cowhide finish or some brighter colors and patterns.

We love a wool-lined jacket for extra warmth in the wintertime, but you can choose any denim style to complete your look!




4. Fringe: Fun and Fashionable

Fringe is in and it’s here to stay! Many bold looks don’t convey timeless style, since they’re often part of larger trends that die out — but fringe is definitely a bold look that’s the exception to this rule. It’s long been a feature of Western style, and it’s still a great statement look to round out any outfit. At Holy Cow Couture, we can’t resist the fringe allure. Many of our bags feature fringe or tassels!

When picking out a coat to go with your cowhide bag, don’t be afraid to pair fringe with fringe! Rather than separate pieces competing for the focal point of the outfit, fringe is often the perfect complement to itself. For example, we love the look of a suede bolero jacket with fringe along the sleeves paired with a sunset-toned cowhide purse with fringe.

Fringe also goes great with:

5. Leather: Effortlessly Cool

Leather, like denim, will always be an iconic mainstay of American fashion — and few leather pieces are as iconic as a leather jacket! Durable, versatile, and effortlessly cool, a great leather (or faux-leather) jacket is the perfect way to inject some edgy flair into any outfit.

The look and feel of leather matches well with the look and feel of authentic cowhide, so it isn’t hard to find a winning combination with a cowhide bag from Holy Cow Couture! Plus, leather is the perfect backdrop for a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, so pick your favorite custom purse, bagpack, or cowhide clutch, and rock that leather look!




6. Bold Colors: Make a Statement

For a truly show-stopping look that will make your mark on the fashion world, don’t be afraid of choosing a jacket in an unexpected color! Vibrant statement pieces in bright, bold hues — like a turquoise faux-fur bolero — will have you turning heads in the best way.

Fun, fresh, and fashion-forward, coats in statement colors can be styled in infinite ways. You can use yours to bring out the accent colors of your favorite cowhide purse, experiment with layering different textures by matching fur with fringe, or choose a simpler bag in a muted tone to let the jacket be the star.

Whatever your style, make it known with your own one-of-a-kind cowhide bag!

Find Your Fashion at Holy Cow Couture

No matter your favorite jacket, you can find your new favorite bag to match online at Holy Cow Couture! We are the creators of the original cowhide bag, and every single one of our handmade creations is 100% unique and hand-crafted from sustainable leather.

Our collections include bags in all kinds of colors, textures, and styles, including coin purses, crossbody bags, canteen purses, wallets, bagpacks, and more. Browse the online shop today to find something to go with your favorite jacket, and wear what you love all winter long!

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